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Aluminum Roller Shutters | LineArt

Aluminum Roller Shutters | LineArt



Aluminum Roller Shutters Line Art own the outstanding Line - Art lines on the large aluminum slabs to bring a different and elegant appearance to your house. Besides, this shutter product is also applied the modern roller shutter technology to ensure maximum safety and security for users.


Elegant Appearance

The large slabs have a height up to 120mm, creating a solid and luxurious appearance for the door. Besides, the decorative lines with striking colors are designed contrast on Line - Art shutters, creating a different look for your house.


Reduce 80% of noise while operating

Aluminum Roller Shutters Line - Art  minimize noise while operating thanks to a completely brand new round coupling of slabs for better friction reduction; the large diameter PULLY P270 system with industrial rubber covered industrial surface minimizes tightening and eliminate operating noise.

In addition, the synchronous technical frame is equipped with a roller system that helps the shutters operate stably and smoothly.

Many safety features are integrated

Aluminum Roller Shutters Line - Art ensure safety for your family members thanks to reversing technology when encountering obstacles, anti-copying pass code technology. The shutters are also able to integrate with UPSs to operate in case of a power outage and peripherals such as: anti-intrusion siren system, timely smoke sensor notify when a fire occurs,...


Shutter material
Aluminum 6063 T5
1.2รท1.5mm thick, 120mm high
Minimum dimensions (HpbxWpb)
2.5m x 2.8m
Maximum dimensions (HpbxWpb)
5.0m x 5.5m
#16 + #01, #01 + #16
Paint Technology
High quality outdoor Powder Coating of Tiger
AC/ Rail H100NS.D
Average Open/Close Speed
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