Aluminum Roller Shutters | Mega

Aluminum Roller Shutters | Mega

Aluminum Slabs MEGA



The body made of large aluminum slabs with an innovative hole design, Aluminum Roller Shutters Mega will not only bring a modern beauty to the front of your house but also ensure air circulation, make the first floor spacious.


Durable and Substantial

The shutter body is designed with large slabs (70mm high) the shutters are made of high quality aluminum material 6065 T5 in 2 layers with a thickness up to 1.5 millimeters and mounting pins help the slabs connect more firmly and withstand strong wind pressure. In addition, plastic beetles are designed in the in slabs to prevent them from dislocating during the operation.

Smooth operation

Aluminum Roller Shutters Mega minimizes operating noise thanks to the improved PC slabs with noise reduction washer, the Pully P270 system with large diameter and surface covered with industrial rubber minimizes squeeze and eliminates noise. Aluminum rails use scratch-resistant washers and make the shutters operate smoother.

Safety Assurance

Mega are integrated with 3-level protection technology: wireless reversing system, infrared sensor system and anti-latching relays ensure safety for the user when the shutters meet obstacles. Remote control with anti-copying code technology generates billions of non-repeatable codes, the thieves cannot copy the pass code. The roller shutters are also capable of connecting to peripherals such as: sirens, smoke sensors, smartphone connectivity,... ensure security for the home.



Shutter material
Aluminum 6063 T5
1.2÷1.5mm, high 70mm
1.1÷1.3mm, high 70mm
Minimum dimensions (HpbxWpb)
2.5m x 2.8m
2.5m x 2.8m
Maximum dimensions (HpbxWpb)
6.0m x 7.0m
6.0m x 6.5m
#15, #17, #17+#15
Paint Technology
High quality outdoor Powder Coating of Tiger
Combined PC slabs
PC M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6
AC/ Rail U87NS, H100NS.T
Average Open/close Speed
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