Steel Super-Size Roller Shutters ST

Steel Super-Size Roller Shutters ST

Steel Super-Size Roller Shutters ST



For factories, warehouses or shutters used for residential houses, civil shops that required to install a set of oversized shutters but still ensure firmness, safety. To solve this problem, Austdoor Group introduced the ST Steel Super-Size Roller Shutters with a strong body structure made of Galvanized steel and a large load winches that provides the safe solution for buildings with large door spaces.


Strong shutter body

ST Super-Size Roller Shutters are specially designed with the body made of Galvanized steel with two-layer structure with a thickness up to 2.2 meters according to international standards... to ensure that the protection system of the building has high durability, sound and thermal insulation and solidity. 

Large load winches

In addition to the solid shutter body, the large load winch has a lifting capacity of 300 to 2000kg, using a single or three-phase power source designed specifically for each constructions is one of the two prerequisites for ST steel super-sized roller shutters to achieve maximum size with the thickness of the slabs up to 10 meters while ensuring rigidity and safety.


Special navigation rails & bottom bars

The rails are made of powder coated steel and the bottom bars are made of 6063 aluminum for the good durability.

Synchronous production

ST shutters are synchronously manufactured in the factory to ensure 100% accuracy of standard specifications for easy and convenient installation and long life, smooth opening/closing, less trouble operating.


Maximum dimensions (HpbxWpb)
7.0m x 7.0m
8.5m x 10.0m
Minimum dimensions (HpbxWpb)
2.5m x 2.8m
2.5m x 2.8m
Door body material
Galvanized Steel
0.9mm (±5%)
1.2mm (±5%)
#7 Ral 7046
Paint Technology
Powder coating for outdoors
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