Ceiling-slide Roller Shutters - OVERHEAD

Ceiling-slide Roller Shutters - OVERHEAD

Ceiling-slide Roller Shutters Overhead



A common feature of the garages in most villas or modern apartments is the limited door height and small ceiling area. Meanwhile, if using the common types of roller shutters, the roller is oversized, limiting the height of the shutters making it difficult to control the car in and out of the garage. Ceiling-slide Roller Shutters OVERHEAD are suitable for the garages with height limited to less than 250 millimeters and at the same time posses all the outstanding features: Smooth and durable operation, ensuring solid properties for the safety of users.


European Style

As a preferred roller shutters product, it is popular in Europe and becoming a new trend in Asia. The first attraction is the luxurious beauty thanks to the embossed surface of the shutter body, combined with two color options (wood grain, ivory white) which reduce the roughness of the materials.

Suitable for low ceilings

Operated by a roller-free ceiling sliding mechanism, OVERHEAD is specially designed for low-height garages when only occupying 25 centimeters of the height of your garage ceiling. You will easily control OVERHEAD roller shutters to slide up to drive into the garage without any obstacles, then close the shutters tight, safe and convenient.

Stiff and Firm

OVERHEAD shutter body is assembled by two layers of durable steel Colorbond of the world's leading steel company BlueScope Steel from Australia. Between the two layers of Colorbond steel is PU foam with a thickness of 40 millimeters which provides sound and thermal insulation and impact resistance.

Durable Operation

The body panels are connected by floating hinges, the two sides of the shutters are equipped with wheels moving on two navigation rails to help the shutters operate smoothly and durable. The spring-load system is made of steel C75 with durability up to 15,000 times open/close. Thus, the user is completely assured of the performance as well as the long life of the Ceiling-slide Roller Shutters OVERHEAD.

Safe for users

OVERHEAD shutter body is specially designed to resist grip at the points of contact between the shutter body panels, ensuring user safety. In addition, this high-class Austdoor roller shutters are also integrated with advanced AUSTMATIC drive technology with the following features: opening the shutter by hand smoothly, automatically reverse when encountering obstacles, remote control operation, integrated CCTV system to ensure security, fire alarm system, anti-intrusion, light alarms ...


Maximum dimensions (HpbxWpb)
2.5m x 4.5m
Minimum dimensions (HpbxWpb)
1.7m x 2.0m
Shutter body material
2-layer steel with PU foam
Panel thickness
40 mm
Panel thickness
360 - 550 mm
#1 (White), #8.1 (outside Wood grain, inside White)
Cells/ Grains
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