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Warranty policy


- ARG, AHV, AH Motors (excluding control box, remote control) have 60 months warranty (The above policy applies to customers who buy roller shutters from Hue to the North. In the South, please contact Hotline 0923 858 858).
- AK motors (excluding control box, remote control) have 24 months warranty.
- Batteries and remote control batteries have 6 months warranty.
- Shutter body, control box, remote control and other components have 12 months warranty.

2. General regulations on warranty

- All the shutter body, control box, winch (motor), UPS, locks, wall-mounted buttons... of Austdoor are stamped or printed with the Austdoor logo and are additionally affixed with warranty stamps of Austdoor.

- Customers are responsible for presenting the warranty card when repairing or replacing parts within the warranty period.

- In case of malfunction, please contact Austdoor Agents or Customer Service and Support Center via hotline: 1900 - 6828.

- Warranty period: In accordance with the time limit of each component printed on the warranty card.


- The shutter body and accessories are not synchronized, without Austdoor stamps.

- The shutter body and accessories are not affixed with warranty stamps or warranty stamps are torn or erased.
- Customers voluntarily dismantle and repair before Austdoor technical staffs come for warranty without Austdoor's assent.
- The products are not operated properly.
- The product has been broken due to electric, water, insects.
- The products are damaged by natural disasters, fires.
- The warranty card is expired, torn, erased without information and without Austdoor seal.
- The warranty card is not for exchanging or transferring.
- The damaged shutters due to the installation of non-genuine accessories (Winches, Shafts, UPS, ...) will not be warranted.

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