High-speed Roller Shutters | HS

High-speed Roller Shutters | HS

High-speed Roller Shutters | HS



As a product imported directly from Efaflex in Germany - The world's leading manufacturer of high-speed shutters, HS high-speed roller shutters with operation speed up to 3m/sec, and common application for constructions such as: clean room, refrigerator room, sterile room ...


Synchronized Import

HS high-speed roller shutters are synchronized imported by AUSTDOOR Group directly from EFAFLEX Group - the famous specialized shutters manufacturer of the Federal Republic of Germany. Genuine warranty according to the manufacturer's standards.

Spiral Rolles

HS high-speed roller shutters are developed on the basis of spiral groove technology to maximize the operation speed. Spiral grooves minimize the impact of the shutter body and limit friction. As a result, HS high-speed roller shutters can reach a maximum speed of 3m/sec.

Peripheral sensor system

HS high-speed roller shutters automatically open/close when a moving object appears using the infrared eye or laser scanner, magnetic circuit sensor located on the base of the smart sensor system. Thus, HS high-speed shutters help to minimize operation times and reduce energy loss between two different environments.

Types of shutter

There are many types of HS high-speed roller shutter for customers:

- 304 stainless steel

- Polyvinyl chloride plastic

- Acrylic plastic


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