5 impression milestones of Austdoor Group in 2020

08/02/2021 - Austdoor News

To describe the year of 2020, we can use the phrase as FULL OF MOVEMENT with everything that happened. They said “In danger lies oppotinity” and “Adversity makes a man wise, not rich”, therefore, the more difficult times as seemingly unable to get up, the more time is to demonstrate the durability and strength of the business.

Austdoor Group (ADG) has demonstrated the power of one of the largest doors on the market when making sharp strategies with agility changes and resilient based on 5 core values such as Creativity, Love of technology, Lolidarity, Sharing, Trustful. With these 5 core values, Austdoor Group has made 5 impression milestones in 2020.


  1. Achieved many noble titles

By contributions, ADG has obtained the Vietnam Vlue titles, in which, roller shutter Austdoor achieved this title for the second consecutive time. At the same time, ADG ranked on Top 500 largest corporates in Vietnam (VNR500) and was the one of 15 biggest corporates in material manufacturing industry.


  1. Impressive growth. Largest door production and consumption in Vietnam

In 2020, ADG has raised 24% in revenue, especially roller shutter Austdoor has played important role in creating this impression revenue.

With 1.8mil m2 of doors, 15.000 tons of aluminum, providing roller shutter, steel doors, wooden doors, steel tiles and light trusses for a half of million projects, more than that, we also provide brackets, solar panel accesories for total power of more than 538MWh. ADG has brought safety and trustful for millions house in Vietnam.


  1. Investing in expansion investment

In 2020, factory in Nhon Trach with the scale of 50,000m2 and the headquarter in Hanoi - ADG Tower with 16 floors are inaugarated. The total floor area is 9,2000m2 with investment in machinery and equipment more than 500 billion VND.


  1. Impressive staff and employees growth

By 2020, the number of staffs and employees in ADG increased up to 17%, and it contributed more than 1,200 people across 3 regions to get a job.


  1. Be the pioneer corporate for the community

With the culture of creating, sharing and having posibilities with society, ADG is the pioneer to preventing the Covid-19 by producing full-body sterilization chamber themselves and supporting 7 big hospitals with 3 mitary barracks which are quarantine areas in 3 regions Northem – Central – Sourthem. ADG is also the only one corporate maintains post-flood support and construction as well as reconstruction activities for 5 schools and more than 1,500 households in the Central provinces.

By ending up 2020 with impression milestones and looking forward to 2021, ADG and roller shutter Austdoor brand – the largest share in Vietnam, will continue to maintain position as the leading manufactured, supplier of door products and building materials in Vietnam. More than that, ADG want to bring peak experiences to customers and create subtainable values for society.  

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