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Return policy

1. Regulations on warranty products:

- Due to the peculiarity of the goods, the Company only returns to customers the defective products or parts of the products, so the agent has to remove the parts and products that are not defective (not sent to the Company), after the Company has fixed, reinstall and use. For example, when warranting a control box, the agent only needs to send the board to the Company to avoid breaking the plastic cover, leading to the deduction
of the product price.

2. Regulations on products exchanges:

- Agent makes a request for warranty then sends to Austcare service center of the Company, after being confirmed by Austcare service center, the agent will deliver the products or according to the instructions of the Company's staffs.
- When sending to exchange or return goods, the Agent attaches the delivery note to the container, a copy of the Request for importing goods to the Company (if any).
- Stick the address of the sender and recipient in front of the container when sending.
- Follow up and confirm with the Company to ensure the goods returned to the Company.
- The Company only imports goods for warranty, repair, re-import, ... at Austcare service center for Agents in Hanoi or at the garage for Provincial Agents. The Company will respond to the results of the warranty delivery within 04 working hours for agents shipping through the bus station.
- Within 04 working hours for Hanoi Agents or 72 working hours for Provincial Agents after the Company returns the warranty or repair products, the Agents are responsible for notifying the results of goods receipt. If the Agent does not notify back, it is considered as having confirmed that all goods are warranted or repaired (for cases of returning goods through the bus station).
- Other cases excluded the above regulations must be agreed by the Company. On the delivery document, the confirmation must be signed, clearly stating the full name and telephone number of the deliverer and the receiver.

3. Regulations on packaging for warranty goods:

- In case the Agent is not careful in preserving and packaging the goods sent to the Company, leading to the damage, peeling paint, broken, ... the Company will not warrant or repair with charges as prescribed regulation above

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