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Website is established and operated by Austdoor Group Joint Stock Company to introduce business information, product information to shareholders, investors, partners and customers within Vietnam and all over the world.

1. General principles

- Information and products introduced at must be truthful, transparent and fully meet the regulations of Vietnamese law.

2. General rules

- Website domain name developed by Austdoor Group Joint Stock Company with a trading domain name is:
- The information introducing unit is Austdoor Group Joint Stock Company
- Recipients of information are investors, shareholders, partners and customers within Vietnam and all over the world.
The contents of this Regulation comply with the current regulations of Vietnam. Members participating in the website must learn about their own legal responsibilities for the current laws of Vietnam and commit to comply with the contents of this Regulation.

3. Purchasing Process (For buyers of AUSTDOOR products)

Step 1: Find products to buy.
Step 2: View prices and detailed information of that product, if you agree to purchase, please select Austdoor's nearest authorized agent to buy.

4. Regulations and forms of payment

* Purchase at the Agent, Branch, Distributor of the Company
As soon as you finish your purchase, the staff of the Agent, Branch and Distributor will guide the procedures for receiving goods.
* Payment at the place of delivery
- You make a payment to the delivery staff in whole or in part (if you have a deposit) the value of purchased goods.
- If the delivery location is at the payment place, the delivery staff of the Agent, Branch, Distributor will collect the money upon delivery.

5. Copyright and privacy policy

- All intellectual property rights (registered or unregistered), contents and all designs, texts, graphics, software, images, videos, music, audio, translation Software, source code and basic software are the property of Austdoor. The entire contents of the website are protected by copyright laws of Vietnam and international conventions. The copyright has been reserved.
- Austdoor does not collect any personal information via

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