Austdoor Group orientated smart door technology at Vietbuild in Ho Chi Minh City 2019

2 July 2019 - Austdoor News

With a display area of technological houses, high-quality products and many amusement programs, Austdoor brand continued to make a strong impression at Vietbuild Ho Chi Minh City International Exhibition 2019.

Remarkable figures of Austdoor Group at Vietbuild Ho Chi Minh City 2019:

- More than 20,000 visitors in five days
- More than 1,000 roller shutters ordered
- More than 8,000 presents given
- Thousands of shares and posts on social networks
- Honest reviews with visitors’ satisfaction
- Desires to return Austdoor at Vietbuild Ho Chi Minh City in the following years.


Austdoor brought those wonderful things to customers in vibrant Ho Chi Minh City. Moreover, in more than sixteen years, we have remained steadfast in our mission to offer the top smart doors in Vietnam and bring a safe and modern life to every family.

As a Main sponsor, Austdoor attended Vietbuild International Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City from 19 to 23 June 2019. Austdoor Group - National Brand, the leading manufacturer and smart roller shutter provider in Vietnam, was proud to bring to the exhibition advanced technologies such as Austfly – a software helping open and close doors with smartphones, AustLock - smart lock preventing prying roller shutter, etc.


Particularly, visitors to Austdoor's display area of smart roller shutters from 19 to 23 June had the opportunity to get to know and experience practically the latest Austdoor products, and enjoy brilliant performances such as water drum, parade with Topal and Austdoor angels, checking with the Mermaid, etc. and all customers received gifts when visiting our display area.


Austdoor’s display area in Vietbuild Ho Chi Minh City International Exhibition 2019 was designed as a modern house with the theme of "Technology opens the future gate" to offer customers experience with smart roller shutters as well as breakthrough technologies in the industry.
Launching brand new breakthrough technologis in roller shutter

In the display area, Austdoor highlighted two new roller shutter lines with Austfly – a technology of opening and closing with smart phone and AustLock – a smart lock with anti-prying feature. Two new technologies is a fine support for users in terms of maximum convenience and safety to houses.

AustLock - a smart lock with anti-prying feature
AustLock is a smart lock with a flexible design, using 304 stainless steel that is ultra durable and anti-rust. It can withstand the prying force of up to four tons, automatically lock as touching the ground, prevent prying, and unlock as pressing the opening button.

Additionally, AustFly application is a smart roller shutter technology solution of Austdoor Group, allowing users to integrate various roller shutter systems and use smartphone to control the opening and closing at any time, even when away from home.

Brand new Topal synchronized aluminum roller shutter with watertight and anti-noise features


By promoting Topal Prima, a high-end synchronized aluminum door line with a lot of superior features, Austdoor Group increasingly asserts the pioneering position in the roller shutter industry. It is in the first launch that the product won the trust of numerous customers.

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: 1 người, đang đứng

Topal watertight, ultra anti-noise synchronized aluminum door


Topal Prima types on display included awning, sliding and tilt-turn doors and windows, all of which are high-end products on Vietnam’s market. These doors meet a variety of needs with their intelligent design, good tightness and ultra anti-noise feature.


Huge modern, extra-durable wooden door


In addition to Austdoor roller shutter, Topal aluminum doors are positioning itself on the market. Austdoor Group once again affirmed the high-class, water-resistant, fireproof wooden doors to a large number of patners, domestic and foreign tourists at Vietbuild Ho Chi Minh 2019.

Huge ultra-durable, waterproof, ultra-fireproof wooden door

Huge wooden door is made of environmental-friendly materials with modern technology, inspiring the natural beauty of wood without warping, shrinkage, and mold.


The international exhibition is an opportunity for Austdoor Group not only to introduce new high-quality products to consumers but also to promote our image to international visitors and affirm that our leading smart door brand in Vietnam is gradually going further with the goal of leading Southeast Asia.

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