Why should you choose synchronized roller shutter?

10 January 2020 - Austdoor News

A synchronized roller shutter includes:

- Door body

- Technical frame system

- Winch

- Guide rails


All parts are assembled into a unified product, facilitating SMOOTH OPERATION, DURABLITY and LONGER LIFETIME of roller doors. These are neccessary to bring absolute peace of mind to customers and help them save operational costs of their roller shutter.

Let's find out more about the outstanding advantages of the components in synchronized Austdoor roller shutter.

1. Door body

Synchronized design makes the door secure; the slats match together as running to bring maximum efficiency to users and extend motor lifetime.

2. Technical frame system

Technical frame system is made of zinc-plated steel tube with the frame fixedly welded and and its technical standards are calibrated, measured and checked by modern equipment. The frame is attached with flange, door shaft, pully, power roller system and bracket, reducing up to 90% of NOISE and providing quietness and comfort for all family members.

3. Winch

Winch is an important system of a roller shutter as making door open and providing smart and automatic features for the door.

A winch includes:
+ Motor (installed in the flange) that pulls the rolling tube to operate the door
+ Control box (installed outside the technical frame or on the wall) that connects with technical equipment to control the motor.
+ Recessed button
+ Remote control

All parts are assembled together to provide accurate operation, durability, longer lifetime and save operational costs of the door.

4. Guide rails

Guide rails help to drive the slats up/down properly on the rail track.

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