Why is Austdoor can always firmly the leading position in the shutter door industry?

27/2/2021 - Austdoor News


Has launched since 2003 until now, Austdoor always firmly been a pioneer, a leader in aesthetics and technology with variety types of shutter door.


Austdoor is the first and only brand that has awarded “Vietnam Value” twice in a row and besides, which marked an important milestones and a testament to the trust of customers in the past 18 years.


Austdoor converges all of the elements to become the leading brand in the roller shutter door industry:

  • Manufacturing on modern technology lines from major partners and using 100% imported aluminum which meets the international standards.
  • Using surface paints from the world’s leading brands Ackzonobel & Tiger
  • Manufacturing process standard ISO 9001-2015
  • Intergrating leading safety technologies such as reversing when facing obstacles, preventing door opening code copying, smoke sensor, alarm…
  • Synchronized production from door body to frame, winch, raids, shaft, truck to ensuring about the quality of product for customers.


The Austdoor shutter door’s products meet the needs of customer with more than 10 diffirent types of shutter door for townhouses and many other lines for industrial.


Constantly innovating and research to bring more smart gadgets, Austdoor guarantees to not only satisfy millions households across 63 provinces but also conquer strictly international market.

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