Is a reputable brand important as choosing a roller shutter?

22 June 2018 - Consultant

In recent years, there has been more and more new roller shutter brands with novel designs of more aesthetics and convenience on the market. However, consumers still wonder "WHERE TO BUY ROLLER SHUTTER?"


The more reputable the brand is, the higher price of roller shutter is

It is undeniable that the roller shutter price of reputable brands is often much higher than that of unknown brands on the market. Because in order that a brand new and high-quality product is widely known by consumers, the "giants" in roller shutter industry need to invest and conduct marketing strategies comprehensively. Moreover, a brand wanting to "live healthily" must win trust from consumers by safe and qualified products for them. These investments will be calculated in the price of roller shutter.


The criteria to choose a safe roller shutter


Roller shutters manufactured manually, roller shutters imported from China or roller shutters from unknown brands focus on their cheap price to impact Vietnamese consumers’ psychology, which makes them hesitate to choose between a high-priced roller shutter from reputable brands and a cheap one to save construction costs of their house. A question is always asked: “"Where to buy roller shutter?"


Calculation of benefits


Buying low-priced roller shutter from an unknown brand, you might face a lot of risks. For example, the warranty period is not regulated clearly. Even many dealers and brands refuse warranty when there are accidents, for example, you cannot open or close your roller shutter, the slats are stuck, the shutter generates noise as running, then they blame the users for improper use of the roller shutter.

In particular, in order to reduce the price of roller shutters, many manufacturers choose low-quality raw materials, assemble without synchronized details, even use Chinese motors and control boxes uncertified for technical standards, etc. which directly affects the durability of products and the safety of users.

Criteria to choose a perfect roller shutter


It is necessary to determine that roller shutter need to offer the safety and aesthetics for your house. You can choose roller shutters from Austdoor - a reputable brand for the following reasons:

- Meet the needs of safety for the whole family thanks to the three-level reversing system and the ability to recognize and reverse up as encountering obstacles.

- Thick, strong door body offers optimal protection and withstands storms in all weather conditions.

- Various product lines with optional decorations of patterns and colors.

- Connect to peripheral devices such as smoke sensors, heat sensors, surveillance cameras, etc. to help people in the house promptly escape when a fire or power failure occurs.

- Run smoothly to eliminate 90% of operational noise

- Official Austdoor warranty nationwide.


Plenty of benefits offered make the brand always the number-one position voted by consumers. Therefore, you should consider carefully before making a decision whether to buy roller shutters from a reputable brand or not.

Austdoor - Safe Doors - Safe House



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