Roller shutter for garage

17 September 2019 - Consultant

The differences between roller shutters for garage and for normal main door.

Today, in large cities, it is common for a family to own several motorbikes or cars. Therefore, when designing housing construction, householders pay attention not only to the design of the garage but also to the suitable type of roller shutter to protect their valuable assets.

Unlike roller shutter installed in townhouse facade requiring aesthetics, ventilation and safety, roller shutter for garage has an additional special criterion that it must be suitable for low ceiling and may not require roller in order not to limit the height of garage doors. Thus, the householders could drive in and out more easily.

If the height of your garage is limited, it is necessary to install a roller shutter for it. Among many brands of garage roller shutter, you can refer to Overhead ceiling sliding doors manufactured by Austdoor Group. This product highlights the ceiling sliding mechanism to save the ceiling height and the surface of the door body embossed with shapes in combination with elegant colors. Overhead is a series of roller shutter with modern European style, ensuring security while showing the class of the householder.



The Overhead roller shutter operates reliably thanks to its door body connected by super durable hinge joint system; the wheel system on both sides of the door post moving on two guide rails gently and smoothly; power spring system made of C75 steel with the durability up to 15,000 times of opening/closing, etc.

Besides, Overhead roller shutter for garage provides absolute safety for users due to its reversing feature when encountering obstacles and specially designed door body for anti-stuck feature at the junction points and because you can easily open the exit doors by hands in emergencies.

If you are in need of installing Overhead ceiling sliding doors, please contact Austdoor nearest local dealer.

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